Hi, I’m Kate and welcome to STUDIOKTR.

Do you want…

Authentic branding that will connect you to the right clients who will pay you what you’re worth?

Crystal clear direction, focus, personality and a voice for your brand?

A way to stand out and shine in your field?

Would you love…

To build trust and be known as an expert?

To share your gift and serve others?

To have more time to enjoy your success with your family?

It is possible for you and your business!

But, maybe you feel you just don’t have the experience, skills, or expertise to create effective branding or develop a website.

Most of the entrepreneurs I work with don’t have the time or energy to learn how to become a branding expert or web designer on top of running their businesses and raising a family.

Having a powerful brand personality and online presence are key if you want to transform your business, build trust, and attract your ideal clients in a way that’s authentic to only you.

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“…I would strongly recommend STUDIOKTR, especially if you are looking for a more personal approach. It was clear from start to finish that she wanted the website to be a great success, just as much as I did.”

Hannah Ellis, Discover Dylan Thomas

“Kate truly over-delivered on nearly every expectation I had! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to create or strengthen their brand. She is incredibly talented, flexible, amenable and I am beyond thrilled with the end product.”

Lindsay Sherry, Real Healing Nutrition