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Master your message in 3 steps – step 3 your offerings

YAY! Thanks for joining me on the last step to my three part series on Mastering your Message! You made it! Part 3 is all about your offerings. When I work on the Branding Journey with my 1:1 clients, we work around what it is they offer and how to make it all tie together with their brand, themselves and their audience. When you have a clear idea of what you do… and how you do it, it becomes a lot more understandable for your tribe.  When they have a clear understanding, they can make an easy decision if you're the right fit for them, or not. Start by asking yourself some questions about your offerings, like... What are my gifts? How are my gifts best utilised? What are the services/products I can provide? How can I narrow these down? Next, go back [...]

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Master your message in 3 steps-step 2 your ideal client

This is part 2 of my 3 part series to master your message. Click HERE to read part 1. Click HERE to read the overview. Part 2 is all about your “ideal client” or maybe better put, a dream member of your tribe. Let me preface this by saying that your ideal client may change along your business journey…it sure as heck has for me. It’s not something that's set in stone, but it is something you want to hone in on in order to have a strong message. What good will your message be, if you don’t know who it's for, right? So, on the Branding Journey, with my 1:1 clients, we do a lot of work around who it is we want to serve. The funnest part of this process is getting to design your dream client, so you can manifest [...]

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Master your message in 3 steps – step 1 Y-O-U

On my first day at a corporate HQ of a well known brand in San Fran, they spoke all about their motto of “You be You”.  Very corporate. They didn’t actually mean “you be you”..what they meant was “you be you as long as it’s within the unspoken parameters of what we find acceptable and what we’d like our business to represent”. And, I think this mindset is how we unconsciously show up in our brands too. We're afraid to step out and show ourselves, in case we're not acceptable. We emulate what’s already out there in the online world because it seems to be working for others, or it’s what we think our audience expects. This creates the following issues: -blending into the background and not standing out -attracting clients that aren’t buying because of who you are, they’re buying because of [...]

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Master your message in 3 steps

So many of my clients come to me, head in hands, totally unsure of how to clarify and create their message. Especially my clients who are just starting out. All of the experts conspire to tell us that we have to niche down and niche down and niche down and get crystal clear. They're not wrong, but that's not always easy, especially if you're unsure of who you're serving and what products/services you're going to offer. And.... most of us take whatever work we can get our hands on, so we can start generating an income and collecting testimonials (know what I'm sayin'??). But, as we gain momentum and work with clients that are a great fit (as well as clients that aren't a great fit) we start to get a better idea of who we want to serve and how we can [...]

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